Keyword Research

Identifying the keywords people use when searching for your products & services is critical to your online success.

Discover the most profitable keywords in your niche!

To be successful online you need to identify the search terms people use when looking for your products and services.

Keyword Research is Foundational!


Keyword research is the very FOUNDATION for successful online marketing.

You want to identify those keywords and phrases people use when they are ready to buy. These are called “high buyer intent” keywords.

If your content is not built around the profitable keywords in your niche you are losing business to the competition.

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Once you identify your most profitable keywords what’s next?

Finding inspiration online

 A professionally designed site is not enough.

You can spend a fortune on a website with all the latest design trends, great content, videos etcetera, but if no one can find you online you’ve just wasted a lot of time and money.

This can be a very hard reality for most small business people after spending thousands of dollars building a killer site.

To be successful you have to build great content around the keywords you want to rank for & get Google to rank them on the first page of the search results.

By consulting with an SEO professional you will be able to get the traffic you need but more importantly the right kind of traffic.

You want people who have a high buying intent to find you because they are ready to make a purchase.

The next step is to build out your content around those keywords.

Once you have identified the keywords you want to rank for you need to create killer content around them. To accomplish this you must create a Content Plan. The content plan sets out your site’s content architecture to determine what content to create and how it links to other relevant pages on your site.

An example of this is that you will notice above that we linked the words “create killer content” to a page dedicated to creating content.