Content Creation

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Creating Content – The Perfect Page

Content Creation
From the keyword research we will create a content strategy for the keywords and phrases that have the most buyer intent you want to rank for.

This allows you to “build out” your site in such a way as to give your visitors easy access to the content they want. As you add new original relevant content to your site you will garner favor from the search engines in that they will prefer your web page over the competitions and rank you higher.

We will tell you what new content you need and how & where to place it on your site to improve your rankings as well lowing the cost of your online advertising efforts.

New Content (“Perfect Page”)

The “Perfect Page” is one that every visitor wants.

You and I want a page where we can easily get the information we’re looking for at the tips of our fingers without having to search all over the place. Each new page will have original professionally written content designed to sell your products and services as well as entertain the reader.

The “Perfect Page” is one that Google and the other search engines love.

Each new page will come with the proper Meta information for the content, images and videos. The combination of great content and proper SEO will insure great rankings on the search engines.