Top 5 SEO Questions


… from Customers

March 17th, 2011 – Posted by Aaron Wheeler

This week we have a very special guest on Whiteboard Friday – me! That’s right, after filming these videos and posting them on the blog for the past six months, they’re finally putting me in front of the camera for your viewing… pleasure… (Well, my mom’s viewing pleasure at least. Hi mom!). I’m joined by Cyrus Shepard, another member of the Help Team here at SEOmoz. Our team of six handles all of the account and technical support questions sent in by everyone who uses the site and tools, so as you can imagine we see a lot of the same questions week after week. The Help Team cannot answer SEO questions over the tech support lines, but we do our best to help customers figure out why their site may not be working with our tools.

On this week’s Whiteboard Friday, Cyrus and I will walk you through some solutions to 5 of the most common SEO problems we see on the Help Team, and I’ll also let you know how to change your profile picture (we get asked how to do this a lot!). A word of caution: this video will not be about advanced SEO topics and will, at times, pertain particularly to SEOmoz’s site and tools. You may learn a thing or two, but if you feel like you don’t need to know why only one of your pages is getting crawled or links aren’t getting indexed, please feel free to skip this week! We’ll get back to more advanced and general topics next week.