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  • Build your Brand!
  • Better user experience!
  • Convert more visitors into Clients!
  • Add new features!
  • Get better Google rankings!
  • Get Better Content Management Capabilities
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Ottawa Website Design & Development

About our Website Design & Creation
We build our new websites on platforms that allow for maximum flexibility and ease of management. This means endless design and function possibilities as well as;

• Unlimited additional pages, videos, pictures and content are easily added. (We can show you how.)
• Our Responsive Themes make viewing on mobile devices easier to navigate. The website adjusts automatically to different screen sizes. It’s very cool.
• The sites architecture is “Google spider friendly” making it easy for the bots and spiders to crawl the site to get the information that they need as quickly as possible. This gives the search engine a reason to increase your organic rankings.
• All sites have Google Analytics installed. You can see how many visitors you have, what pages your visitors see, and how long they stay on each page and a lot more. Information gleaned from these analytics is very valuable. The data helps you identify visitor behaviour and improved conversions. Make visitors customers.
• Each site interacts with the visitor through a reply form, blog posting and live chat. (if desired) Our forms allow legal collection of e-mails. Each site contains engaging video and imagery.
These are professional up to date sites that you can add tons of features to as well as many pages as you wish down the road. We promise to make you very happy and we work until we do. Fees are paid in 3 installments. Upon placing the order we require 25% down, a 25% progress payment once the site is approx. 90% complete and the balance due upon launch.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the very FOUNDATION for success online. Keywords are the words typed into the search engines by people trying to find the products and services you’re selling. IF you don’t know what these “magic” words are your online efforts are in vain. We identify and provide you with a list of the top 50 keywords including those with a high “commercial intent”. (Ready to buy.) These words and phrases then become the foundation upon which you build out the content on your site.

Onsite Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Onsite SEO is very important to Google and the other search engines. If you want your sites pages to rank in the top 25 listings on Google, Yahoo etc. you need to give the bots that crawl you site the information they need. All the Meta information for your content, images, and video on each page needs to be correct. Improper or poor onsite SEO is the #1 factor in ranking poorly on Google & the other search engines. Only the sites that have paid attention to proper onsite SEO get ranked on the front page.

Content Strategies (Content Blue Print)

From the keyword research we will create a content strategy for the exact keywords you want to rank for. This allows you to “build out” your site in such a way as to give your visitors easy access to the content they want. As you add new original relevant content to your site you will garner favor from the search engines in that they will prefer your webpage over the competitions and rank you higher.

We will tell you what new content you need and how & where to place it on your site to improve your rankings as well lower the cost of your online advertising efforts.

New Content (“Perfect Page”)

The “Perfect Page” is one that every visitor wants.

You and I want a page where we can easily get the information we’re looking for at the tips of our fingers without having to search all over the place. Each new page will have original professionally written content designed to sell your products and services as well as entertain the reader.

The “Perfect Page” is one that Google and the other search engines love.

Each new page will come with the proper Meta information for the content, images and videos. The combination of great content and proper SEO will insure great rankings on the search engines.