Make SEO Happen

How to Make SEO Happen

April 14th, 2011 – Posted by Aaron Wheeler

Sure, you know SEO like you know the back of your hand. You know how to linkbuild, and you know how to do keyword research. Of course you’ve got a lot of SEO knowledge – you’ve been watching these Whiteboard Fridays every week, right? =P Well, now it’s time to get crackin’! Unfortunately, it feels like you never have enough time to get done all the things you know you should do. Maybe the people in charge aren’t willing to do the things you know they need to do to get positive results, or maybe you can’t implement all the changes you’d like to in the short time you have because you’re too busy building an encyclopaedic report for your client. There’s a lot of ways to make SEO not happen for your client’s site, but this week, Tom Critchlow from Distilled will show you how to avoid stagnation and keep the SEO ball rolling!