Keyword Research

What’s in a word? Everything! There is lots and lots of information out there to be found on the subject of SEO keywords so I am going to keep this discussion focused on business people who have websites up and running but aren’t getting any “hits” or visitors coming to their site.

A keyword (or phrase) is a word or words that people type into their search engine (Google for example) that matches your product, service or subject.

If you have a plumbing website, some of your keywords would be; plumbing, plumbing contractors, plumber, plumbing repair, bathroom leak, kitchen leak, leaky pipe, fix water pipe, plumbing business, plumbing service, plumbing companies and so on.

Ranking for Keywords & Phrases.

Let’s use the plumber example. Let’s say there are 100 other plumbing companies with web pages and they all want to rank for the same keyword “Plumber Ottawa”. When someone in your area types in the keyword plumber, on Google for example, you want your website to show up on the first page.

Google has to decide which 10 of the 100 websites it’s going to show on their first page when someone types in “plumber” – you want to “rank” in the top 10 otherwise you will be on page 2 or on page # 3,567,891.

Most site owners have questions around keyword rankings, like “how does my site rank for keywords I’m targeting?” and “what keywords does my site rank for?”

A good place to start is Google, they provide the most reliable information about the keywords that you should try to rank for and it’s free, simple cut and paste this URL below, in your browser.

You can see how much competition there is for certain keywords and phrases and most importantly is anyone typing them into search engines. There is no since in trying to rank for a keyword that no one ever uses. To get more in-depth information about keywords and how to rank for them just e-mail us at  with your questions.

– George Ferguson –

Matt Cutts from Google talks about keyword research as it relates to content.